I am active again – read daily comic strips online.

“LAN LAN” ago, I had this webpage at home.iitk.ac.in/~sudhansh. I made it once and it was just there. I never tried to go through it again. But yesterday, while getting bored I tried to read the daily comic strips at navya – the students server at IITK. I didnt like it and hence made my own script. But soon I found that already a script “dailyscripts” is floating on the sourceforge. So I installed it too and modified it according to my needs. Here’s the links.

1. http://home.iitk.ac.in/~sudhansh/comics.php
2. http://home.iitk.ac.in/~sudhansh/comics

Both are good enough for me. But or you the first one has slight customizable properties. As you can see it contains strips with numbers allotted to them (written on the left side). So if you wish to watch only a few ones among them just give those no. ids as inputs (comma separated) to the page. For eg. ……comics.php?id=1,2,7,9,15
You can also add the width element (width of the images). Default is 900.
eg. ….comics.php?id=1,2,7,9,15&width=1000

The second script is something I am currently working on. It is basically an open source project “dailyscripts” by ‘I don’t remember who’, but I am trying to add better user custamization options to it. Currently it gets refreshed daily at 1.00 am (IST) (I might change the time depending on the availability of the comics). Thats all for now,


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