A very sweet net suite. Much better than the mozilla/netscape you used earlier. Though I love firefox, but I do not use it merely because it takes a hell lot of time to start (I don’t know why :O). Same for thunderbird on my box. Hence I had to turn to this seamonkey last year in summers. Since then it has been my favorite. And since the last 1.1 release it has literally been awesome. There are now more extensions, lot better themes and many more features. Currently I am using “seafox” theme with some cool/essential extensions like switchproxy, adblockplus, stumble upon, extension uninstaller (yeah u need to have an extension for this 😦 ), cooliris, webpage css tabs, cutemenus, multizilla, monkeymenu, imagezoom etc.
after this i don’t have to turn back to firefox. the only thing which i miss is performancing (the ultimate blog tool) – and thats one of the main reasons of my being inactive on my blogs ;).
may god bless me by making those developers port it for seamonkey!

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