April 1

The Fools day!
Since last two days I was aching to get some idea of playing a prank on my wingmates. I cudnt think of anything interesting. It just happened in the evening that I snatched a ball from one of my friends (who normally has a tendency to have friendly “vocal” spars) and accidentally threw it off. I also had a small hubbub trying to not go to fetch the ball.
Now that’s when I came up with the idea – to have a false fight. Everything went according to plan. We (I and Tewari) gave excellent performances to make my wing believe that we were really having a quarrel. Many of them tried to pacify us but we continued. And then the worst thing happened. No, I didnt laugh. But my wingies started to move back to their rooms. I don’t know why. I am still trying to get this answer. Some say they were afraid and others refuse to comment. Anyways, we had to then abruptly stop the dispute and declare that all this was just a little april fool’s stuff.
Well, in any case it was a good memory, specially when we are in the fourth year readying ourselves to be a part of the larger community and leave this small hub of ours.

I remember now, I was also the one who started this stuff in my first year with a very sluggish prank with the old “cool website” thing. That was a success too as the knowledge of creating a good web page was something majority of the people lacked lacked.

Though I wished to be more creative this time, but nevertheless something was better than nothing. Now we will try to curb our enthusiasm with a year book!

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