Movie: The Last Lear

I saw it two weeks ago. I was impressed so much that I wanted to write an extremely enticing review making each single view (yes, i know its too less) to convert into a “love last lear. will watch it 100 times” fan. But even after 2 weeks I have not been able to gather enough vigor to write some 3-400 words. So here it is in the shortest form possible, “watch it”.

On second thoughts, here’s something more:

ok… now awesome screenplay, good direction, extremely good acting, perfect background score.. if they don’t make a good film .. then what. i don’t know. i say this because i heard someone (nikhat kazmi to be specific) say that it isn’t worth watching. for her (or its him? seriously, i don’t know and probably he too doesn’t. or is it she?), it seems that the film had too many issues (exactly 2) to deal with. the feminist sentiments should not have been indulged with while dealing with shakespeare. come ooooon.. its a story told by women, what do u want it to be? showcasing the euro league?

i personally thought it would have been better if the movie depicting indian theme should neven be in english. but now when i think of it, i realize that all that shakespeare voodoo had just gone whoosh, if it were in hindi.

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