dwm dwm dwm dwm, dwm dwm dwm dwm!!

yes. this is the new mantra of my life. now mandu told me about this when probably last year. but then i was pretty satisfied with xfce (and i even am), and i did not want to change my loyalty. but now as i have a single gb ram’d desktop at my office (help!! office-admin!!), and i hate to carry my laptop (company provided) everyday to work, i thought that i could do better with something seeking as less mem as possible. you remember god only when in trouble.

getting initial helps from a blog, which resulted from a google for “dynamic window manager”, i was almost good to go. with a few good colors and shortcuts, now i almost cruise through my day without holding back even for a while, even when netbeans is running. netbeans? why netbeans if you want low mem apps? now that will be another blog entry.

quoting from suckless.org:

  • dwm is only a single binary, and its source code is intended to never exceed 2000 SLOC.
  • dwm is customized through editing its source code, which makes it extremely fast and secure…. you only have to learn C (at least editing header files).
  • dwm reads from the standard input to print arbitrary status text (like the date, load, battery charge). That’s much simpler than larsremote, wmiir and what not…

some definitions, which might help:
tag == workspace/desktop.
rules == window specific rules, something for which you might use devilspie or kde’s capabilities
1<<TAG == bitmask for the tag. specifies a tag. simply putting a 3 (== (11)2  will cause both tags 1 and 2 to be called for.

some of my config.h comments:

in the rules section, keep isfloating  false for most of the apps, as a floating window is always “on top” in default dwm.

#define MODKEY Mod1Mask  // Alt Key (or your first modifier)
#define WINKEY Mod4Mask  // generally the win key.

static const char *audiomutecmd[]  = { “amixer”, “set”, “Master”, “toggle”, NULL };
// the commands need to be given as each space separated list of words.

some links:
xmonad (since its based on dwm, the key shortcuts are the same, and some other basics too)
the blog


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