solaris home end delete insert pageup pagedown keys

i hated solaris. even now i don’t like it completely. but it has its benefits, the most likeable one being the presence of various devs you might need for building the sources. the most annoying thing is not being able to use many of the accessory keys. even tweaking inputrc doesn’t help. solution?

1. install vim. your editor will be fine atleast with almost all the keys working, and no vi nuances.
2. still the terms don’t work. sometimes you might be lucky enough to get keys working through inputrc. but then they get screwed in vim, displaying escape/control sequences instead of what they are supposed to do.
3. use mrxvt. it provides you options to set the keys only for the term (and not for any other internal applications). change your base terminal to xterm in .mrxvtrc. probably somethings will start to work. if no use the option linuxHomeEndKeys.
4. if your delete key does not work with any sequence, use ^’. if that too does not work, use ^d (ctrl-d). beware: it will cause your terminal to exit if there are no characters on the current line.


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