Movie: The First Great Train Robbery (1979)

Great pic. I regret not watching it earlier. Not that I have watched most of the great classics, but I remember I ditched this movie for some newer decent flick. The same way I skipped The Great Escape for, I don’t know, Speed 2. I know I have to mend that too. But for now, the day was dedicated to The First Great Train Robbery.
The camera work is awesome. Music though sucks at a few places but overall leaves a positive overtone. The story is well knitted with coherent subplots. Everything turns out to be creating a perfect environ setting for the robbery, of your attention.

The movie goes on a downward slope with some basic hiccups, like the counting of seconds not being synchronised with actual time, the simulation of 75 secs not being in accordance with the actual job etc., but considering the time when the movie was made and comparing it to the other flicks of its era, it definitely stands out.

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