mpd in solaris

since i wrote about using icecast i am liable to also write about installing mpd now.

well, it wasnt simple. at least not for me. let’s take it step by step.

1. the first thing you will notice is that mpd’s configure utility is not able to find any audio devices. oops! at this point you will have to find out libao libraries for you system. the source install is pretty simple. you might also get some .pkg files through the net. i would have given the links but i did it way back. i a not sure but you might need a restart.
[update: since my libao is in /opt/csw, i say u can find it at blastwave.]

2. ao is disabled by default, so you will have to use ./configure –enable-ao –with-ao=/opt/csw  (/opt/csw is the prefix where ao is installed)

3. now for icecast. if you want it, first install the icecast server from source. also install shout libraries (available from the, again from source. everything should work smoothly.

4. but even now the mpd configure wont detect shout libs. just copy the shout.pc from the shout source directory to /usr/lib/pkgconfig/. also copy the include/shout from your shout source dir to /opt/csw/include (this is definitely going to be included because you gave –with-ao=/opt/csw)

5. if even now the shout support is disabled and you see something like “gnome-config not found” in the configure output, just open configure file, find [[[if test “$PKGCONFIG” != “no” && `$PKGCONFIG –exists shout`]]], and change the “&&” to “||”. basically your pkg-config is giving errors in finding shout. but since its already there, you can skip the check.

6. now everything should work. do a make and a make install. enjoy madi!!

7. install mpc and ncmpc. i tried gmpc but failed. currently i have moved to foobar2k on wine instead of mpd, but if i install gmpc some day, will definitely write about it. ncmpc is easily available as .pkg (blastwave); its a bit old, but serves the purpose.

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