Hindi ebooks

Yesterday I suddenly had an urge to read “Rag Darbari” again. I had already lost my hard copy and since then I have been desperately searching for an ebook. But yesterday I was so eager that I even tried to buy it online. But as you would expect, baba dilbert created as many obstacles as he could, and just like the many searches for a train reservation, I ended up with a “regret. not available”.

Devoid of options, I sought the help og the mighty google and stumbled across http://www.new.dli.ernet.in/. An awesome project started by IISc Bangalore, to digitize a hell lot of Indian books. With nervous hands I typed “srilal” and voila!
The only drawback, apart from the books not opening properly in Opera, is that its ebooks are scanned in tif format. So, you need a plugin, which again as expected, is only available for windows. Thankfully, in linux we have wget :).

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