Finally I can talk to ubuntu

Yes, finally. finally finally finally.
Finally my internal mic works on my laptop (acer5520).

After pouring all my brains out on what the problem or fix could be, I finally resorted to installing the latest alsa drivers (1.0.19) from source and voila! Now I do not know if its the version difference or installing from source, which caused the miracle, (and neither do i care to know) the important thing is that it works. And so does my skype. Its a bit noisy thgouh and I have to tweak my volume levels.

The point to never forget is that now I don’t have to boot back to windows, ever :D. Well, I may use xp on virtualbox, specially for preparing the resume (Oh resume! why aren’t thou in sexy latex?) after the sweet mishap of losing my job, I can easily delete my grub entry and eventually the win partition (a big :D).

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