Sanskrit is well.. Sanskrit

न नोननुन्नो नुन्नोनो नाना नानानना ननु |
नुन्नोऽनुन्नो ननुन्नेनो नानेना नुन्ननुन्ननुत् ||

A marvelous piece, using only the ‘न’s, by भारवि , from his only book किरातार्जुनीय. The meaning:

(नानानना:) O! multiple headed soldiers of Lord Shiva,  (ना न) he is not a man (ऊननुन्न:) who loses to a lowly/base human. (नुन्नोन:) He who has destroyed littleness is  (ना ननु अना) not a human (he is a god). (न-नुन्नेन:) He whose master is indestructible, (नुन्न: अनुन्न:) can’t be harmed even after being harmed. (नुन्ननुन्ननुत्) Someone who hurts an extremely wounded man (न अनेना:) can never be a non-criminal.

(Arjuna has already wounded a soldier) He says to the soldier: If I (lowly, mere mortal me, Arjuna) kill you, you will cease to be a man. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of insignificance and you as his servants, the servant of that almighty God, are supposed to be indestructible. You are severely wounded, and I am not a sinner to hurt you more (and kill you).

Kiratarjuniyam is the only work of Bharavi. But after you have built an eiffel tower in the first instance itself, its probably good to stop making pettier things. The book in itself is a breathtaking journey of awesomeness. Veerarasa has always fascinated critics and when combined with the epic storyline of Mahabharata and the magnificent depiction of a more-than-magnificent war between The God and a human makes it truly a masterpiece.

‘Kirat’ is the Avatar of Shiva to confront Arjuna (Gods are too illuminated to show themselves directly). It begins with the detailing of the extremely good, just and benevolent rule of Duryodhana on Hastinapur, to the Agyatvasi Pandavas, by one of their spies. While showcasing Draupadi, a hurt woman, asking Yudhishthir to follow ‘शठे शाठ्यं समाचरेत’, and fight back, it leaves us wandering in the lost islands of morality and villainy. But, Yudhishthir saves us by denying to break his vow of leaving the Dwaitvana.He would fight only after the agyatvasa is over. Vyasa, the godfather pops up from ether, and vanishes into the same again, after suggesting that Arjuna should attain the ‘Paashupatastra’ from Shiva. Poor Arjuna!. He turns down la sexy Apsaras, kills frightening demons, fight a mighty army of Shiva and finally duels with Shiva himself to appease the god. Whew! Anything for Draupadi.

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