Tata Photon – get rid of the ugly dialer.

Thankfully, and obviously the installation is too simple. Its windows we are talkng about!

But then again, its windows we are talking about. So, there is no option of autoconnect. And I hate the default dialer provided by Photon. It sucks. So a few tweaks, that are kind of a must, at least for me:

My Device: Tata Photon Olive VME101

1. Disable the dialer’s autorun on windows startup through its settings.

2. Use rasdial to connect, via batch files. rasdial is the dialup utility for windows.

Make the following two batch files and use them via a desktop shortcut or anything:

connect.bat —> rasdial “TATA HSIA” internet internet

The parameters are: connection name, username, password. You may also provide phone number via: /phone:#777, but its not needed.

disconnect.bat —>  rasdial /disconnect

3. Still a restart causes the drivers to unload and the device is detected as a storage device instead of a usb modem. Hence, to fix that, I wrote another batch file whose shortcut lies in the user startup folder so that it gets executed on every windows login.
start /d C:\Windows\system32 devcon disable *DEV_001C*
start /d “C:\Program Files\TATA Photon+\Olive\VME101\Drivers” OliveDcService.exe
  start helps us in executing commands simultaneously in different command windows.
The first command is to disbale my wifi on startup. You can use this gude for the same: http://wlanbook.com/disabling-wireless-startup-shutdown/
The second command load the drivers for my Photon device which establish it as a usb modem. For your device, check in your dialer’s installation folder.

That’s it!

Two things:

  • Still its not exactly autorun on plug-in like xubuntu, but its quite close. I plug my device and use executor to connect to internet via a hotkey instead of the batch files. Simple and elegant!
  • Probably copying the driver startup exe (OliveDcService) somewhere else and uninstalling the dialer would also work. But haven;t tried yet. If someone does, do post in the comments.

I am figuring a way out to autorun a command on a non-storage device plug-in. If I find one, will definitely let it out in the open.

Till then, ciao!

18 thoughts on “Tata Photon – get rid of the ugly dialer.

  1. Wow, this is awsome.. I am also using a Tata Photon+ HSIA USB modem EC152 model. I want some help to get rid of the Tata dialer and connect to the internet without the dialer or if possible as soon as i connect my USB model to the laptop. I am using Windows 7. Can you please help me with the batch file for this model. My email address is rajeshmalhotra2005@gmail.com

    Look forward for a quick reply and help.

    besr regards

  2. Well You can do one more thing,
    if you any how get the Event Id of the Attachment of your Device you can set a trigger for the auto connection of your USB Modem.

  3. Thanks for the help. I use Tata Photon+ (the blue dongle) and using it is a frustrating experience because when the device is plugged in, it gets mapped first as removable storage (USB Mass Storage Device). During this stage the CE100 Dialer can’t be used to connect to the internet.

    If one waits for a few seconds (or minutes) the removable disk automatically gets unmapped and now CE100 Dialer can be used. This is the most frustrating part. The only solution being, if one clicks on the AutoRun.exe inside the newly mapped removable disk to unmap the device as removable disk.

    So I wrote a program in C#. Right now, it can detect the newly mapped removable disk, checks if there is an AutoRun.exe and AutoRun.ico to determine if this newly inserted device is Tata Photon and then executes AutoRun.exe. Unfortunately, while the program can successfully detect insertion, it can’t remove device’s mapping as removable storage.

    If this task can be done then I think I can execute rasdial to make automatic connection.

    • Is this issue specific to your PC? Generally I have never found a device behaving such. Ordinarily the installation provides the drivers required to read it as a modem rather than a storage device. Do try on a different laptop.
      You may also check your device manager while the device is plugged in for missing drivers. Updating the dialer might also help.
      I do not know how you might be able to “unmap” it via command line. I guess google is your only way out. I will keep looking though and reply if I find something.

      • My laptop has Windows 7/ I have seen this behavior (of first getting mapped as storage device and then as modem) in another laptop which has Windows XP.

        I have made some changes to the program now some basic test cases are running fine. I listen for messages from Windows event system for device ‘arrival’ and removal. I then issue rasdial through a batch file.

        So essentially it works like following right now:

        1.Listen for device addition of type DBT_DEVTYP_VOLUME
        2. If it has “AutoRun.exe” and “AutoRun.ico” then this device is Photon Plus
        3. Invoke AutoRun.exe to unmap device as storage device
        4. Wait for Device to be mapped as DBT_DEVTYP_PORT
        5. Invoke batch file which contains the rasdial command

        The strategy to identify Photon device is not so robust but at least it works for my dongle.

        Do you know how can I update the dialer and firmware? Google and Tata photon website was of no help.

  4. I found this page while searching for ‘OliveDcService.exe’. What you’ve posted is pretty interesting, but I’m not a coder (programmer). If I blindly follow your steps, without much understanding, will this tweak work for me or do you think that it’s better if I just stick to the dialer, like every other layman?

  5. sir, my name is vishv and m using tata photon + service with EC 156 MODEM. i tried to connect it thorught above mention step but error” windows can’t find a phone book entry for this conncection” comes-up. please send the req. file to
    :- vishv1995@gmail.com

  6. Recently i buy Tata Photon+ EC 1561/VME 101 for windows -8 OS starting it work with my OS but few days it is not supporting …..HP customer care told Window-8 not support any Dongle……..Phonton Engineer told me the same ………what should i do pls tell me

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