My Sakhi!

My tablet is my best friend. We don’t share just moments but share our life together. We are the best buds forever!! That is why I call her Sakhi.

As most of my friends, I am friends with her because I somehow got to know her and am now stuck with her. I sometimes think I should get rid of her. But thank goodness, I realize its several uses soon enough to decide to hold on to her.

Every day, my morning starts with her. She works as my daily alarm. My mother wakes me up by knocking me on the head with her. I love that physical connection. It has finally helped my head get into the shape that I always desired, an egg. At least I am happy that I don’t have my nokia stone-phone, otherwise I would have had so many dents in my egghead. But now that I remember, the stone-phone never had to be used as a physical alarm. It had a very irritating feature called ‘alarm clock’. Pff! uncreative Nokia. Obviously, they had to fail. So this feature rang a pesky tone that woke me up in the wee hours of the day. Hesitatingly, I tried to use a similar ‘app’ in my Sakhi but her polyphonic audio was so low that I always felt as if I am trying to watch a porn in my room without headphones. Now who would want to wake up in the middle of that?

Anyways, so when I wake up, the first thing I do is brush my teeth. After all, I was told that it’s the first pointer that an Adarsh Balak should follow. I love how my tablet helps me even in such trivial tasks of life. She acts as a brilliant mirror. When she was new, I could use both of her sides. Alas! now one of the sides is so scratched and worn out that I can only use the shiny metallic back. But I have no regrets, for it is definitely better than The Best a Man Can Get.

My Sakhi also acts as my health Guru and aerobics trainer. She is the best frisbee I have ever seen. You don’t believe me? Ask my dog. He is such a great fan of the tablet that sometimes I am afraid that if my tablet were truly a woman she might have picked the dog for her husband. I mean my dog even licks his milk from her, thanks to her innovative saucer curvaceous design. I too tried it once, but I did not like how the cracks in the screen were cutting my tongue. I then reluctantly decided not to compete with my dog.

But just to ensure my hold over her, I take her with me to the office. And what an amazing advantage she has! During the commute I can so easily avoid the traffic with her help. At a signal, I throw her out of my car, in a pretty laptop bag. All the people near me flock towards her and I cruise on the road with an Obama-esque feeling. Thank you dear! And when I come back, I reclaim her from the trash can closest to the signal!! The bag would be gone though. I don’t care about it. My beloved, raw and undressed for me, is exactly what I need after a hectic day.

ImageMy beautiful beloved!

But today I am very sad. People are hell bent on throwing a Yoga tablet in my lap. Now I will have to do all those useless things that others keep doing morbidly, and keep talking about. Things like facebook, checking mails, reading news, typing like a ninja, browsing all those uninteresting reddits and lifehackers. I also will have to put my brand new laptop into the closet. Why did Lenovo put so much power in a tablet? Have they lost their minds? But I don’t care about my laptop. I don’t even care about my 40k phone that I so often use for things other than calling, like trying out new themes and icon packs, or beta testing new apps. So, if Yoga forces it to go obsolete, so be it. But, I care about Sakhi. I have assured her, she will still have the same place in my life. After all, Yoga doesn’t even have a single use that my Sakhi has. It can only do useless things to help me barely complete some trivial chores of my life. My Sakhi…. even entire WordPress is too small a database to store the adjectives that I have for her. She will be my BFF! Love you Sakhi! Yoga can at the best be used as a servant, though a skillful one at that. (That’s the only line of appreciation it will ever get. Suck it Lenovo!).


A post for #BetterWay contest by Lenovo, at IndiBlogger. You may like it there if you want 🙂

A few thoughts over Gita

First let me start by my own understanding of the Karma Siddhanta of Gita.

Bhagvad Gita preaches us to be machines.

Gita asks us to be non aligned to the fruits of our actions. It says that we have no rights over our results but only over our actions. I agree with this completely, as there might be other people who are more deserving than us. There are far too many players and factors involved in comprehending our worthiness. But Gita moves forward to the extent of saying that we should work desirelessly, i.e., there should not be even hope for any kind of result. It means that we should work merely as machines. The only difference would be our cognizance of right and wrong. But our sense of right and wrong develops through societal norms and personal experiences. Hence we are advised to be like the pre-programmed but adaptive machines.

Though I have my own apprehensions about this whole idea, I think this is on the lines similar to that of what Gita generally preaches. The major criticism of mechanisation is loss of human element, but probably that is exactly what is sought by the philosophers and preached by Gita – Nirvana or Moksha from worldly premises and atonement of Self with no mroe human connections as such. It talks about not being involved with worldly affairs and cut all human ties. Removing the human element from our lives, we are but mere machines!


Now let me come to my doubts.

1) The relationship between Karma and Karmafal

Gita asks us to get detached from the Karmafal or the results of our actions. But at the same time it also says that we should do the work as per our role in the society. Bothe these concepts are mutually contradictory.

Our role in the society is defined through three things – our ability, society’s expectations, and our environment. All the three factors depend on the outcomes of our actions. For instance, if I start writing, and for a moment let’s suppose that I am good at it, the society will expect me to write (who am I kidding!). But my being good at writing will only be known through the results of my writing. If I, or others are detached from results, neither my ability will be known, nor will anyone expect me to write. Thus, I might as well be composing music or cooking Kormas.

Our work is defined by our past results. By asking us to not get involved with them, Gita is pushing us towards mediocrity. Has Arjuna been detached from the results, he would never have been able to aim the bird’s eye. He would probably have been gambling and Yudhishthira would have trying not to kill Draupadi with his arrows.

So how are we to forfeit this relationship between Karma and Karmafal and still do the work most suitable to us with utmost sincerity?

2) Existence of God

The other issue that I have is with God. The scriptures suggest that God is the selfless entity without any qualities or attachments. If so is the case, how come we pray to Him expecting He will help us with our troubles? How come He is supposed to love us or even listen to us?

God, is such an entity exists, is to only create souls. He is not supposed to be even affectionate to them, let alone the bodies. Hence all the rituals, the praying, the believeing in God too, can’t be nothing more than a mere facade. This alternative purpose, as told by many, still holds some value. It is said that apart from spiritual aims, the rituals and prayers also aim a physical and psychological gain. It means that all of the religious pracitces originated for humankind’s benefit (not spiritual at all), by the intellectuals for the then ignorant masses.

Thus, I believe that everything that we do to please God has nothing to do with pleasing Him or getting a better afterlife. We are free to do whatever we want, only if we are ready to accept  the consequences. It does not matter if we sin and are able to save ourselves from the laws and our own guilt, for our soul will be absolved with it on death. The propaganda of God gettign angry is completely false, because he can’t, as per our own spiritual leaders. There is no judgement day. There is no judgement. But, is there a so called ‘judge’? Lets think!

3) What is God?

I think that God is just knowledge. Lets assume we were in perpetual darkness. The moment we would see light, we would find out that the darkness was because of the absence of light. Similarly, our ignorance is because of the absence of knowledge. This ignorance is waht makes us believe in God. I believe in Him because I am not able to comprehend a lot of things happening around me. My ignorance is what is causing God to exist and the moment I will gather the knowledge about the incomprehensibles, I will attain God.

Finally, I would suggest that our confusion should not be about God’s existence. Its futile. Our confusion should only be limited to understanding our surrounding events. Even that is probably impossible. But in my view, being clear about our confusion is the first step towards eliminating it.

पात्र परिचय – भाग २ (ताऊ)

“मोटा है पर प्यारा है, ताऊ तो हमारा है”, “भाऊ भाऊ, दम-दम ताऊ” टाइप के नारों से आप ये मत समझना की ताऊ कोई पॉलिटिशियन है. ताऊ पॉलिटिशियन नहीं अल्सेशियन है. अल्सेशियन पिल्ला. ये बात ताऊ को नागवार हो सकती है और शायद पढ़ने के बाद मुझपे गुस्सा भी हो जाये, पर बात बिलकुल सच है. वो एक अल्सेशियन पिल्ले की तरह पूरा फ्री entertainment package है. जैसे लोग किसी पिल्ले की तरफ खिचे चले आते हैं. सबसे ज्यादा सबसे शैतान और नटखट बच्चे आकर्षित होते हैं. ताऊ भी ऐसा ही है – दुनिया भर के विचित्र लोगों का collector. यूँ भी कह सकते हैं की उसके साथ आकर लोगों की विचित्रता सापेक्ष  रूप से बाहर आ जाती है. यहाँ तक की कभी अपने को ‘सामान्य’ समझने वाला मैं आजकल खुद को ‘अजीब’ कहने लगा हूँ (पहले मेरा pen name ‘सामान्य’ हुआ करता था. अब ‘अजीब’ है.)

पात्र परिचय – भाग १ (गोगा)

हमारे एक दोस्त हैं – गोगा. मेरा ख्याल है कि पूजनीया आंटीश्री निश्चय ही सुनील शेट्टी और सनी देओल कि फैन रही होंगी. दोनों के vocal chords के sequential combination से जो ध्वनि उत्पन्न हो सकती है, हमारे प्रिय मित्र ने प्रथमत: हूबहू उसी का उच्चारण किया – गो गा. उनके माता पिता ने तो इसे मात्र एक incidental त्रुटि माना. वो तो हम जैसे कुछ मित्रहितवादी थे जिन्होंने उनकी इस खूबी को जाना माना पहचाना और ये थाना कि उनका हुनर पूरी दुनिया के सामने लायेंगे. इसके लिए उन्हें Great Expectations का पहला पन्ना पढाया गया, ‘I called myself Pip and came to be called as Pip’ से अवगत कराया गया, और ‘गोगा’ नाम दिलाया गया.

मिलि गै ज्ञान, नाम धरि गोगा,
पहिन के निकले करिया चोगा,
कामसूत अतुलित बल धामा,
लूट के आये एम्सटरडामा.

New Music Players: Minitunes and Guayadeque

Two awesome (yes, much more awesome than gmusicbrowser) players/managers are in development. Well, Guayadeque is pretty much developed and is extremely usable, but a bit ugly. The ubuntu repo version did not work for me, hence I picked it up from the site –

Minitunes, otoh, is extremely pretty, but under extensive development. Fingers crossed. It is available in ubuntu repos.

Both are extremely fast:
gmusicbrowser – 80mb
guayadeque – 55 mb
minitunes –  60 mb

The best one as of now is Guayadeque. Go for it.

Remedying the glib go error in ubuntu

If you encounter the glib gio error while firing an app from the commandline/shell, such as this one:

GLib-GIO:ERROR:/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.28.6/./gio/gdbusconnection.c:2279:initable_init: assertion failed: (connection->initialization_error == NULL)


use the following script. It exports the dbus session and then runs the apps. Simply use: <command> or if you have already used a long command and failed: use the trick “ !!” (!! replicates the last command).

Download the script from:

A few new things

1. Opera 11.10 -> Me likey 🙂
2. Opera Mail -> a bit slow 😦
3. Greplin: google it to have a better google 😀
4. Firefox Aurora (The dev build)
5. Ubuntu Natty
6. My new blogname.