Chrome quick start up and Nice Google Talk

Many of you would be wondering why chrome startup gets delayed with time. Sorry, I do not have an answer to that. But I know of a way to make it start super quick by keeping the processes running even when you close the browser.

Well, this is not new. Its done by using background apps (that keep on running in the background even when chrome is closed). We have been doing it since at least a year or so. But some of us, like me, did not have a good useful extension to run as a background app. Now we have. Chat for Google. It solves dual purpose:

1. obviously, the chrome quick start.

2. a great gtalk app. better than the google talk software, because it has gmail notifications, invisible mode, os independent and all those beautiful features google lab edition used to have, which sadly has stopped working since last few months.

Yes it hogs up some memory and resources, but who cares nowadays, with everyone having more than 2 gigs of ram. Still, in case someone does not want to run this talk app in background, he/she may uncheck the option in chrome://settings.

Apps I can not live without (Windows)

This is not a priority order, but just a collection of 10 favorite utils.

1. Everything – An ultimate ntfs drive search utility. Takes less than a minute to scan (first time/any time) a 1tb drive! Wish for its linux version as well.

2. CCleaner – Great app to clean up the desktop, registries, and unwanted waste. Also uninstalls programs the easier way and much more. The other products from piriform – defraggler, recuva are also very useful.

3. Microsoft Security Essentials – Windows has been doing a great job especially since the last year. I love this nifty little antivirus/anti-spyware program.

4. Dropbox – Immensely useful if you do not have a static workstation. gives a plethora of other alternatives as well, but I have been kind of habituated to it.

5. PDFCreator – One of the best PDF Creation tools. I used to use CutePDF Writer which creates a pdf printer on  your machine and a simple print operation generates pdf. PDFCreator does the same and more brilliantly. It even creates a single pdf from multiple files – just select all, right-click and print. Awesome!

6. Q-Dir – There are a lot of explorer replacements. But this one is one of the simplest multi-pane utility I have seen.

7. Executor – Another gem. If you have ever used a launcher (launchy, gnome-do…), you will love this. Way more flexible and way less resource-hogger. Includes file-indexing, custom urls, hotkeys and what-nots.

8. Geany – The best replacement for Notepad. I like it more than Notepad++ or any other utility out there.

9. Sumatra PDF – Very light weight PDF reader. If I am on a decent desktop that can easily support Vista/7, the free version of PDF-Exchange is what I use.

10. foobar2000 – If I listen to a song, its on foobar. It is crazy but I download foobar (if its not there) before listening to any song at a comp. Again in my linux wishlist (though I use it with wine).

Apart from these, Chrome/Opera browser (Chrome seems faster, Opera for bad net connections), 7-zip, VLC are also kind of a must for me. Partition Master, WinCDEmu, ReNamer are added bonuses.